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NYSOMA Scholarships - 2021

Updated: Jan 25

Putting on the Ritz!

Please create a short video (3-5 minutes) that will explain what is Style, how to identify style elements in a performance, and good ways on the style form to help judges understand and appreciate your team’s approach to style.

Teams are often skilled in solving the long-term problem, and practice Spontaneous problems frequently so as to be well prepared for tournament day. Style, however, is often an afterthought and teams sometimes struggle to identify, showcase and describe the elements of style in their solution. Style is difficult to teach and sometimes even to describe!

The video should be lively and engaging and be appropriate for people who are just getting started with Odyssey of the Mind or those want to take their team’s style to the next level.

Videos will be rated on how creatively and effectively they describe and teach style within a solution.

Click Here to fill out the application online. Like paper forms? Click Here to Download the 2021 Application

NYSOMA will award a minimum of one $750.00 scholarship to a present or former participant of Odyssey of the Mind in New York State to be used by the recipient for higher (Post-Secondary) education. Applicants must currently be High School Seniors or first-year post-secondary school enrollees.

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