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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

This month we introduce the Glitter Fairy, share exciting news about the Museum of Intrigue, provide you with a quick test of verbal creativity and give information about recent and upcoming Regional Tournaments.

The Legend of the New York Glitter Fairy

Have you heard about the mythical Glitter Fairy? This magical creature is said to visit Odyssey of the Mind participants and sprinkle them with blue fairy dust, bringing good luck and creativity to their performances. Many OMers believe that the Glitter Fairy is a symbol of the creativity and innovation they put into their Odyssey of the Mind solutions and that by working together and thinking outside the box, anything is possible.

So, if you see a sparkle of blue glitter on yourself or your solution, know that the Glitter Fairy has blessed you with her magic, and use it as a reminder to stay inspired and to continue pushing the boundaries of your imagination.

Only a real NY Glitter Fairy has this special dust which can make magical events, actions, or dreams come true. This year the Glitter Fairy’s dress shimmers with blue glitter, as blue fairy dust is the most powerful of all. Visit the Science and Industry building during State Finals to get your own Glitter Fairy pin, a glitter fairy sticker and receive a good luck sprinkling of fairy dust.

Museum of Intrigue

Teams … need something fun to do when you arrive in Syracuse on Friday before State Finals?

Are you ready for an adventure that will test your wits and challenge your perception of reality? Then visit the Museum of Intrigue at Destiny USA mall. Their interactive exhibits will take you on a journey through the mysteries and enigmas of the world, where you'll have to solve puzzles, crack codes, and uncover secrets in order to succeed.

The Museum of Intrigue challenges your team to solve one (or more) of their amazing of mind-bending scenarios that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Work together as a team, split into groups, challenge other teams from your school. Whatever you do we guarantee it will fun.

Then on Saturday continue problem and puzzle solving at The Fairgrounds, as the Museum of Intrigue will be joining us for part of the day, hosting some amazing activities in the Science and Industry building

Test Your Creativity!

The Divergent Association Task (DAT) measures verbal creativity in under 4 minutes.

Now you have the chance to see who is the most verbally creative in your team or show just how much better your team is than your coach!

It is recommended that you take the test before you learn much more about it.

Afterwards you can learn more, read a CNN article on the task or study the original research article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The DAT involves thinking of 10 unrelated words. People who are more creative tend to think of words with greater “distances” between them. The test measures divergent thinking and verbal creativity, which are important aspects of overall creativity. This test, which is much simpler and shorter than other creativity tests, was also found to reveal similar results to the Alternative Uses Task, in which “participants generate uses for common objects,” and the Bridge-the-Associative-Gap Task, which asks individuals to “come up with a third word that fits with two other words”.

Did you beat the State Directors score?

Special Awards from Recent Regional Tournaments

Congratulations to all the recipients!

Ranatra Fusca Awards

Region 14

Fairport High School - Problem 3, Division 3

Region 21

Johnstown Junior/Senior HS - Problem 1, Division 3

OMER’s Awards

Region 6

Cambridge Central School – Problem 5, Division 1

Bolton CSD – Problem 3, Division 2

Region 8/9

Lucian Evans – Problem 1, Division 1

Warren Planck – Problem 3, Division 1

Lowville Central School - Problem 1, Division 1

Clarke Jr/Sr High School - Problem 1, Division 2

Beaver River Mid/High School - Problem 5, Division 3

Region 14

Pittsford Middle School A - Problem 4, Division 2

Upcoming Regional Tournaments

Good luck to all teams competing at our final 2 weekends of regional competition!!

March 18th

Region 12 – Broome-Tioga BOCES, Binghamton

March 25th

Region 2 – Caroline G Atkinson School, Freeport

Region 4 – Coxsackie-Athens CSD, Coxsackie

Region 11 – Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, Auburn

Region 15 – Mt Morris CSD, Mt Morris

Region 19 – Wellsville Central School, Wellsville

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Due to the Winter storm starting this evening and extending into Saturday...

Region 5 Tournament will start with a 1-hour delay on March 4th

Region 7 Tournament is postponed to Sunday March 5th

Region 8/9 Tournament is postponed to Saturday March 11th.

If new information is obtained from the regions, this posting will be updated.

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