Review Process


Submitted materials

Starting on March 7th, the URL’s will be checked by the Paperwork Review Officials (PRO’s) to make sure that the video and photo files are able to be opened. They will review the Virtual Paperwork to ensure it is readable, complete and meets all problem and program requirements.

If the officials find a problem the team Coach will receive a notification email. Coaches should NOT reply directly to this email as it is not monitored.

To see the feedback left by the PRO, the coach should click on “Team Paperwork Review Status” within the Team Login area of the Odyssey Website.

After the Coach has fixed the issue, he/she should use the Team login again to provide a new URL/revised file and leave a reply or question for the PRO.

The Team Paperwork Review Status screen will indicate when all the URL’s are OK.

The team has 48 hours after the email is sent, to login to the Team Login area of the Odyssey website to ask questions and receive a response from the Head Judge .

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