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What you need to submit a long-term virtual solution.


Virtual Paperwork



4 steps to video creation and submission
1. Make a video 

Basic rules – teams will submit a single video file that includes their 8-minute performance plus an additional 7-minute video of explanation (15 minutes total).

To combine video clips, here are some links that may be helpful.

Windows 10 Photos App


Mac Quicktime



The 8-minute portion must be a continuous and unaltered recording. This recording could be a video of the team performing together (in a safe manner) or remotely, using a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

The camera can move around the performance area, zoom in/out, etc. Edits in any other way, added effects, etc. are not allowed in the solution video. The cameras used within the single recording may be turned on or off as the team chooses, provided that the recording remains continuous. At no time may the recording of all cameras stop until the end of the performance. The video is allowed to be recorded by someone not on the team. 

If using video conference/meeting software such as Zoom, the use of virtual backgrounds is not allowed with one exception: if the team creates a physical background it may be converted into a virtual background shared by other team members. However, at least one team member must use the original background during the performance.

The 7-minute explanation video will allow the team to highlight specific components of the solution. This portion may be edited but must be included after the performance portion of the video.  This could be how certain items were created or built, how they operated, how they added to the solution, style and so on. This portion may be edited but must be included after the performance portion of the video.  This is your chance to talk to the judges and show off different parts of your solution, so think about what you’d want the judges to know about your work and make sure the judges can hear and see everything you want them to.

Each problem now has specific things that must be included.

Make sure to read the full Virtual Tournament procedures at:



2. Upload your video 

to a file sharing site (YouTube, Google Drive etc.) – the sharing platform will automatically create a web address (URL) for the video. The file names of the video and all additional paperwork must include your membership name and number.


3. Copy the video web address (URL) 

Make sure your file is shareable, and can be accessed by other people!!

YouTube > Options > Get Shareable Link

Google Drive > Share > Create shareable link


4. Paste this URL

into the Video Performance field at www.OdysseyoftheMind.com > Teams > Members Area > Team Login > Competition Record.


Virtual Paperwork


All competition forms have been combined into a single file for each problem.

This includes: Team list, Style Form, Cost Form, Outside Assistance Form.

It is suggested but not required that teams also include a performance script as part of this file.

Obtain competition forms at

www.OdysseyoftheMind.com > Teams > Members Area > Team Login > Forms, Problems, and Icons > Virtual Paperwork. Both PDF and Word versions are available (Word is easier to complete, as currently the PDF is not fillable)


As with video submission, paste the URL for your Virtual Paperwork file into the Document and Form URL field at 

www.OdysseyoftheMind.com > Teams > Members Area > Team Login > Competition Record



You may submit up to 10 pictures of your solution and 4 Style pictures, one for each Style category. These are NOT required to be taken while the solution is being presented but help the judges understand better all the aspects of your solution you wish to highlight. 


All pictures must be in a single pdf document and may include captions.


As with the other file submissions, paste the URL for your combined Photo file into the Photo URL field at www.OdysseyoftheMind.com > Teams > Members Area > Team Login > Competition Record

Selecting the Tournament


All New York teams will see 2 tournaments when they login.  The new NY Multi-Regional Tournament and the old individual Regional Tournament. All teams, although judged separately for regional placement, will participate in the NY Multi-Regional so all information must be entered in that specific Competition Record (see image below).

(If a coach attempts to use the competition record for the Region 5 tournament, in the example below, they will not see any virtual tournament options, and won't be able to enter the URL's for video/paperwork/photos correctly.)


Competition Record

Submitting URLs

You can update the URLs to your video, paperwork and photos as often as needed, until the March 6th 11pm deadline.

DON'T leave this till the last minute!!

Materials submitted after the dealine will not be accepted unless a revision has been requested by the Paperwork Review Officials


“You can’t use up creativity.

The more you use, the more you have.”

~ Maya Angelou